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1. Idea

A thought, an image, a perfume, a color, an intuition .... everything that can be transformed into matter and manifests itself with a drawing, a sketch, simple lines that cross, without limitations of areas, colors and materials.

2. technique

The drawing transformation, and the use of technologies that allow the feasibility of the product to be structured and analyzed with real measures, also through the analysis of all the various components, with the aim of arriving to a prototyping of the new model

3. prototyping

The first great transition between idea and matter, with a deep operation of comparison and exchange of sensitivity between the technician and the operator who work for days in close contact. From this moment the creativity starts working with continuous aesthetic interventions to harmonize the lines, shapes and everything a computer can never do

4. Realization

The moment when, after days and often months, creativity, idea, technique and manual skills come together to give life to the first piece, assembled and structured also with a view to future production. It is the first step in the life of a new creation.